Start exploring

The old city of Ozalj and the Regional museum are the best starting points to research Ozalj. Here you can find all about the rich history and famous noble families that ruled this area. A short stroll along the river Kupa leads you to Munjara, where you can see this old beauty still producing electricity, although now it is more than a hundred years old.

After visiting Munjara, you can relax in one of the restaurants in Ozalj and enjoy spit-roasted lamb or some other traditional specialities. Let the art of Slava Raškaj seduce you after lunch. Her works truely represent the beauty of this area. Getting to know more about the short, but prolific life of Slava Raškaj will awaken in you a desire for something sweet, best quenched by visiting the eco- beekeeper Lovro Krnić’s House of Honey.

End the day by relaxing in beautiful nature at the Ozalj city bathing area, where the river Kupa will thrill you with its murmur, and the chirping of the birds will get you readyfor sleep.