24 hours in Ozalj

Start exploring

The Old Town Ozalj and the Native Museum are the best places to start Ozalj. Here you will find out all about rich history and famous noble families which ruled the area. A short stroll along the banks of the Kupa River will take you to Munjara where you can see how old beauty, even after more than a hundred years, still produces electricity. After Munjara you can relax in one of the restaurants located in Ozalj and enjoy lamb scones or other traditional specialties.

Allow yourself to be seduced by culture, namely, Slava Raškaj painter through whhose art you will witness the beautiful nature of the region you came to. Getting to know the short, but artistically productive life of Slave Raškaj, will awaken in you the desire for sweet, and you will best serve it if you go to Medena kuća eco honey family business owned by Lovro Krnić.

Finish teh day relaxing by beautiful natureon city swimming compound on river Kupa, which will thrill with your gig, and birds twittering before good night sleep.