Race and Strudelfest Weekend 15 – 16- 9 JAŠKOVO

We announce an interesting weekend in Jaškov near Ozalj, where will be the 15th-16th. September to hold an inclusive international sports event Run of Heart and 3rd Ash Festival.

On Saturday, the 15th of June, the Community Service Provider Ozalj is organizing another inclusive International Sports Event Run of Heart.
Run of Heart is an event organized by the run of the Run of Spirit race, which has been held in Berlin for years. The inclusive character of the race encourages the inclusion of children with disabilities and people with disabilities into the community, and shapes the attitude of the community towards them as equal and valuable members of society.
The event includes several races of different lengths for all ages through the gentle landscape of Jaškova and its surroundings. Tourists from Slovenia and Germany will also take part, and in Jaškovo returns one of the fastest runners in the world, Henry Wanyoike.
In addition to the race, a full day program in the yard of the Center has organized sports workshops – taekwondo club Ozalj and the KA-Team Karlovac Athletic Club and a creative art workshop “Sweet makes miracles”. Under the leadership of the Association for Promotion of Creativity GEA from Zagreb – 22m canvas is painted … every participant in the race and visitors can participate in painting a large canvas during the day.
Start of the program Saturday 15.9. is in the center of Jaškovo from 10:30 am, and registration and race registration starts at 8:30.

3. ŠtrudlaFest will be held on Sunday, September 16, at three locations in Jaškovac – village of Strudla: on the central stage, in the Jaškovo Curia (Ozalj Rehabilitation Center) and in the restaurant Žganjer. The program starts at 10 am with a solemn opening. After the joint stranding of the first strudel, which will be extended by the prominent figures of the cultural and political life of Ozalj and other parts of the Karlovac County, the whole day is continued with numerous workshops, which will, among other things, be conducted by Branko Ognjenović and Tomislav Špiček, as well as in competition for making the best strudel of Croatia. The jury will be the finest of the culinary legend Steve Karapandez.
At 3. ŠtrudlaFest there are over 60 fillets of strings, there will be produced some fifty local OPGs, will be reworked by the sculptures of the strawberries sculptor Nikola Faller, and especially interesting will be children who will be able to spin on a wooden garden, ride on ponies and participate in entertaining gastro – workshops.
This year, the Koprivnica Renaissance Festival will be present at Jaškok, which will be home to Podravska štrukle and various other delicious potatoes, including the bregovic palm, which is on the list of immaterial cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia.

The Bihać-Brekovica Women’s Association will prepare a traditional strudel filled with plum jam and nuts and other Bosnian specialties. Certainly, there are attractive gastro workshops where, besides the guests, their secrets will reveal the legendary athlete of Marica, the ambassador of the Strudel from Jaškova – the village of Strudla, which will remind everyone present on the record set in 2015 when the longest strudel in the world was made in Jaškov 1479,38m.
At 3. StrudlaFest and lovers of meat will come to theirs thanks to a special meat offer. Artistic visitors will also be able to socialize with the members of the Karlovac Artistic Association, which will create a new work as part of the on-site event, while Keramika Nova will hold a traditional pottery workshop on the potters’ corner. All visitors will be able to try to mix clay and saucer bowls.

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